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Why Willet Hauser

You have a vision, a story, a space to illuminate. Beautiful stained glass windows will preserve your legacy for future generations.

Willet Hauser Architectural Glass is where light learns to speak. We bring a century old legacy of stunning glass design and over six decades of renowned restoration to your project. We have completed tens of thousands of projects throughout the United States and in 14 countries around the world.

When you choose Willet Hauser to create your legacy, you are placing it in the experienced hands of artists and designers whose sole purpose is to ensure that every detail reflects your unique vision before sculpting it into a tribute of glass, color, and light.

When you choose Willet Hauser to preserve your legacy, every detail is lovingly restored in all its architectural integrity and beauty, backed by our long-standing tradition of restorative excellence.

We also invite you to personally visit the Willet Hauser library where you can review thousands of our handcrafted designs. These works of art represent the invaluable and broad design expertise that we invest into every project. A number of these designs can be viewed in our online portfolio.

Finally, every aspect of your project will be managed with precision including the cost, schedule, and delivery.

All of these benefits, combined with our track record of quality projects, have made Willet Hauser Architectural Glass the most well-known stained glass company in the industry.

You can trust your legacy to our legacy.

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Collage of Willet Hauser team working, stained glass panels, and a church setting.