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Temple Beth Zion

Temple Beth Zion
Buffalo, New York
Ben Shahn
Max Abramovitz
Scope of Project

  • 1 Bimah window - 32' x 40'

  • 1 Balcony window - 28' x 24'

Techniques Utilized
acid etched flashed glass, silver staining, hand painted fired glasses, leaded and mouth blown antique glasses

Additional Information: 
One of Buffalo's prominent landmarks, Temple Beth Zion consists of scalloped walls, 60 foot ceilings and two magnificent stained glass windows designed by famed artist Ben Shahn and fabricated by the Willet Studios.   The congregation had purchased a painting of Shahn’s at a New York art gallery. This painting became the inspiration and design for the bema window.   The painting was translated into a stained glass cartoon by Benoit Gilsoul, who also did the detailed acid etching of the flashed glasses.

They also commissioned Shahn to design a large façade window for the expanding curved opening.  Ben Shahn and Henry Lee Willet learned from each other as they created this fabulous window.  Mr. Shahn liked to describe himself as “Mr. Willet’s Newest Apprentice.”