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St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Client:  St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Location:  Baltimore, Maryland
Restoration Date: 

Scope of Project:

Techniques Utilized:
Disassembly of all leaded panels, cleaning of all glasses, edge gluing of damaged glasses, reassembly of panels and plates by releading and copperfoiling, refurbishing of all bracing materials.  The trace lines in a number of the faces in these windows had delaminated in places.  A Willet artist painted the missing trace lines on a piece of glass which was then plated to the original, restoring original look of the figure.  The face of the angel (shown) is a good example of how this appeared after the plate painting.

Additional Information:
The windows of the church were created by a number of English artists and studios including William Butterfield, Alexander, Walter Gibbs and Sons, and NHJ Westlake of Lavers, Barraud and Westlake.

The windows were mostly created before the American Civil War and shipped from England just as the war began.  The church elders felt that it was better for the windows to remain in crates in a warehouse during the war, so the windows were not installed until after the war ended.