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Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church

Client:  Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church
Location:  Potomac Falls, Virginia
Glass Installation Date:  2006

Scope of Project:
Adaptive re-use of existing windows.

Additional Information:
Our Lady of Hope is a beautiful new building that is greatly enhanced by traditional stained glass windows.  These windows were designed and created over 50 years ago for two different Catholic churches by two different European Studios: The F.X. Zettler Studios of Munich, Germany and the Tyrolese Art Glass Co. Of Innsbruck, Austria.

The church had purchased the windows from the original churches that had been closed and had them transported to the Willet Hauser studio in Winona, Minnesota.  At the studio all of the panels were carefully inspected and measured.  A report on their condition was prepared. 

In that the windows were to be installed into framing that was not always the same size and shape as the original framing, adjustments had to be made to assure that the windows would appear to have been designed for their new openings.

Many of the windows were too short for the new openings so compatible glasses had to be designed in the style of the original and added to the window in appropriate spaces.

One window was constructed from two older windows to create a new window.

The round windows had to be adjusted to fit into new sized openings.

All original memorial inscriptions were replaced with new inscriptions created in the style of the originals.

While some of the windows only needed minor repairs, many of the windows underwent a complete Historic Restoration to assure that they will have a long and useful life in their beautiful new setting.  Upon the installation of the windows into their new setting, the congregation was in awe with the manner in which they enhanced their new building.