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Non-Traditional Stained Glass

Our staff of talented stained glass designers designed most of the stained glass windows shown on this site.  However, occasionally artists from other medium, often very prominent but innocent of the inherent limitation of stained glass materials, creates designs that the client would like to have translated into stained glass art.  Willet Hauser Architectural Glass has been fortunate over the years to work with a number of these artists from another medium.  It has been a fortunate collaboration for both of us. The artists get to expand their vision, to see their work in another medium.  Willet Hauser gets to experience new challenges, as each of these artists brings another view of stained glass and causes us to look outside the box to develop new techniques and methods of executing their work.

Ben Shahn
Frank Schoonover
Franklin Watkins
Gyorgy Kepes
Jacob Landau
Ralph Pallen Coleman
Sadao Watanabe
Ellen Miret
David Pushkin

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Willet Hauser Contemporary Leaded Stained Glass

MTA Arts for Transit
A program of the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts for Transit encourages the use of public transit by presenting visual and performing arts projects in subway and commuter rail stations.  As a part of the overall project, neighborhood artists working in various media are invited to compete for projects in nearby stations.  Willet Hauser has been chosen to fabricate faceted stained glass panels based on the winning designs of many of these artists. The following list includes artists that were involved in this program:

Alvin Loving
Maria Dominguez
Moses Ros
Raul Colon
Mara Held
Michael Krondl
Ron Calloway
Annette Davidek
Chris Wade Robinson
Ellsworth Ausby
Yumi Heo
Takayo Noda
Margaret Lanzetta
Noël Copeland
Carol Sun

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