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Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Client: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Location: Cambridge Massachusetts

Artist: Gyorgy Kepes   
Architect: Skidmore, Owings, Merrill, Inc., Boston MA

Scope of Project:
A glass wall 9' high X 112' long

Techniques Utilized:  
1<93> thick glass dalles, cut and faceted by hand,
and set into a matrix of <94> epoxy

Description by the artist:
Arriving down at the main lobby, one glimpses a hundred foot long, nine-foot high glass wall of blue faceted glass, illuminated through a diffusing screen from the back. The rhythmical quality of this luminous blue wall would bring forth a substitute sky, offering a crescendo of openness within. The blue wall will have a narrow red glass band illuminated from behind by lights activated by the approaching buses. The waiting passenger will thereby become actively engaged in the visual dynamics of motion and passage which underlie a transit situation.

Additional Information:
When Boston's Red Line subway was extended past Harvard Square, a significant portion of the project's budget was dedicated to funding public art. The public art program came to be known as "Arts on the Line".