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Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Client: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Location: New York, New York
Glass Installation: Burke Avenue Station

Artist: Beatrice Coron
Photographer:  Beatrice Coron

Scope of Project:
8 panels - each 29" X 46"
12 panels - each 29" X 30 "

Techniques Utilized:  
1" thick glass dalles, cut and faceted by hand, and set into a matrix of " epoxy

Additional Information:
"Bronx Literature," a subway station with a reading list to travel on time and in time...

A celebration of Bronx literature, depicting the universe of four writers who lived in or wrote about the Bronx: Sholom Aleichem, James Baldwin, Nicholasa Mohr and Edgar Allan Poe. Through the stories of these writers, we visit important moments of the neighborhood's history.

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