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Jacob Synagogue

Client: B'nai Jacob Synagogue
Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Artist: David Pushkin

Scope of Project:
One large window consisting of 6 panels - each measuring 30 1/2" X 110 1/2".  

Techniques Utilized:  
In Mr. Pushkin<92>s design for these windows, he incorporated mouth blown antique glasses, etched flashed glasses, hand painted glasses, custom marble glasses, pressed disk shaped glasses and custom beveled glasses, with mouth blown specialty glasses in teardrop and bubble shapes.  Some of these glasses extend a full 4<94> from the normal plane of the glass.

About the Artist:
Pushkin attended Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in composition. Next,he crossed the country to go to the San Francisco Art Institute where he received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Experimental Film. Finally he returned back to the east coast to attend Columbia University, where he received a Master of Fine Art in Drawing and Printmaking.  He joined Hofstra University where he is a popular assistant professor in Art.

Along with his teaching career, Pushkin's artwork has appeared in many exhibits across the country. His work has received acknowledgement in magazines and he has even won awards for his great talents.  His artwork includes works on paper, paintings and stained glass.

The amount of dedication put into each piece he creates is shown obviously through his finished products.




The Creation Window

Designed by David Pushkin

Fabricated by Willet Hauser Architectural Glass