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Hurricane Restoration

Many churches in the Southern United States suffered great structural damages or losses during hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In many of those structures, historic and priceless stained glass windows have been damaged or destroyed.

For over sixty years Willet Hauser has served the churches and synagogues of the United States in the restoration and preservation of their stained glass art with expert consultation and traveling craftspeople for on-site repairs, extractions and installations. You can see some of our restoration projects in the Restoration and the Projects in Progress areas of this site.

What to do if a disaster occurs

Assign a church member to become the stained glass repair/restoration contact. This member will be responsible for:

  • Acting as the contact liaison between the church and the glass studio during the program of care for the windows.
  • Contacting your insurance agent to determine coverage.
  • Immediately taking digital photos of each damaged window showing overall window, detail of each area that is damaged, detail of damaged framing, detail of damaged protective coverings, etc. (This will help with insurance claims and will aid us in preparing accurate estimates.) Be sure that the digital photos are taken before allowing any boarding up of the windows or removal of damaged window areas.
  • Labeling all photos as to window and location of damage (window section).
  • Arranging for damaged window sections to be removed and window area secured. Gather as much of the broken or scattered glass as possible. If known, label the glass groups as to their window of origin.
  • Filling out the Contact Us form or phone Willet Hauser at 800-533-3960. In the Questions & Comments section include a description of what happened and how many windows appear to be damaged.
  • Arranging for a Willet Hauser representative to visit the site to accurately access the damage and prepare detailed proposals for the repair/restoration necessary.

 Watch our short video for information on our free window inspections.

Your Willet Hauser representative will work with you to assure a fair settlement from your insurance company.

Free Inspection of Your Windows

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