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Faceted glass windows are raw, thick, unpainted glass with deep color and shimmering sparkle. The bold design is created by control of the size and shape of the glasses and the shape and width of the dark matrix. It is a creative mosaic of light. As in all art, faceted windows can be well designed, exciting and vibrant, or they can be trite and dull. The skill and sensitivity of our designers and craft artisans assure that each of our faceted windows is a work of fine art worthy of your building. You haven<92>t really experienced the possibilities of faceted glass until you have seen our faceted glass windows.

For the architect and building owner who desire the ageless beauty of detailed traditional leaded stained glass but have a limited budget, we can develop similar faceted stained glass designs at a fraction of the cost. Through skillful manipulation of the negative area of the matrix, the impression of complex traditional tracery and detailed classical design can be obtained.

Faceted glass windows