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Case Study: St. John's Episcopal Church

Client: St. John's Episcopal Church
Location: Washington, D.C.
Glass Installation Date: 2007, 2008
Cost: $93,705

About The Client
Known as "The Church of the Presidents" and resgistered as a national historic landmark, St. John's was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe. St. John's first service was held in October 1816. From that time to the present, every person who has held the office of President of the United States has attended a regular or occasional service at St. John's. Pew 54 is the President's Pew, and is reserved for the chief executive's use when in attendance.

Willet Hauser has been working with the committee at St. John's for a number of years, developing the Condition Report, setting the priorities, removing windows for complete restoration and reinstalling the restored windows into restored frames. At the same time, we have been coordinating with other crafts and builders as the restoration of the overall building continues. Although there are no Tiffany windows at St John's, the windows we are restoring were created by other American and European masters such as D'Ascenzo and Lorin.

Project Overview
Phase One of the multi-phased project entailed the Historic Restoration of four leaded stained glass windows and the installation of new protective coverings. This includedthe restoration of the very badly damaged "Madonna and Child" window.

Phase Two included the removal and Historic Restoration of the "Last Supper" altar window that was designed by Madame Veuve Lorin, then curator of stained glass at Chartres Cathedral, France. A unique feature of the design of this window is the cat under the table at the foot of Judas. After restoration, one of the church members remarked that he knew that the cat was there but because of the accumulated grime on the window, he had been unable to see it. After restoration he could. Phase two also included windows by Nicola D'Ascenzo.

As part of the project, the metal framework was also stripped, treated for rust prevention and repainted. New ventilated protective coverings were also installed. Phase two was completed in the time frame allocated and was ready as the church welcomed the new President and Vice President to services in early 2009.

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