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Case Study: Darke County Center for the Arts

Client: Darke County Center for the Arts
Location: Greenville, Ohio
Glass Installation Date: March 2009
Cost: $210,000

About The Client
Taken from centerforthearts.net: "Darke County Center for the Arts was formed in 1978 by a groupof 5 local citizens desiring to expand opportunities for cultural enrichment in the community by supporting all of the arts. The group was comprised of Clara Elliot, John Winters, Nancy Dunn, Ted Finnam, and Martha Benkert who were also committed to the restoration and preservation of the Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall as an important cultural center for the entire community."

Project Overview
In 2008, The Darke County Center for the Arts comissioned Willet Hauser Architectural Glass to restore 3 large, Tiffany-style windows. Our initial inspection determined that their windows had aesthetic and structural faults that needed to be addressed. Aside from being extremely dirty, their windows showed signs of bulging, metal fatigue, and oxidation as well as containing numerous cracked, shattered or mismatched glasses that called for repair or replacement. There was quite a bit of stress cracking on the lead between solder joints and the flanges were easily torn. The lead was on its last legs and had to be replaced.

The restoration project involved the hard work of 7 craftspeople, 3 road crews, and several office staff. It was completed over a span of 8 months.

The windows were set into steel frames that were set into cast stone. The windows were then covered with Lexan protective covering.

Restoring the top and bottom panels for each of the 3 windows was a bit of a challenge. These panels included intricate floral designs that were made up of several small pieces of glass (some were as small as a pencil eraser). Releading windows with such intricate designs can be a challenge trying to get all the pieces set in the right place without having any gaps.

Key Customer Benefits
The windows were no longer covered in grime and allowed more light in to illuminate their space.

Client Feedback
"The windows are spectacular! We are thrilled with the results and happy to have them done."

- Julie Strait, Executive Director

See more pictures of the Darke County Center for the Artswindows.