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Case Study: Church of the Holy Trinity

Client: Church of the Holy Trinity
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Glass Installation Date: 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2008
Cost: $300,000+

About The Client
As in many Episcopal churches, the collection of windows in this building is quite eclectic with windows from famous studios located all over the world. Willet Hauser firstworked with this church in 1917 when William Willet designed one of their nave clerestory windows (shown on the right). Since then, Willet has completed the installation of three additional new windows for the church.

Project Overview
In 1994, working with the church architect, Willet Hauser was asked to inspect the windows, prepare a Condition Report on their structural condition and develop a plan and priority for the overall restoration of the older windows. Since then, working in phases, Willet Hauser has cleaned, repaired/restored, and installed new protective coverings for the following windows:

  • The 1917 William Willet window
  • 3 Tiffany windows
  • 1 Henry Holiday window (English stained glass artist)
  • 2 Heaton, Butler & Bayne windows (English studio)
  • 1 window by Luc Oliver Merson (French stained glass artist)
  • 4 ornamental windows on the facade
  • 8 ornamental windows in the side balconies and stairwell areas

See more pictures of the Church of the Holy Trinity windows.