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About Willet Hauser

A stained glass window produced by Willet Hauser stained glass studio.

Willet Hauser Architectural Glass is a renowned stained glass window firm. We can provide you with the most radiant designs imaginable. Each year, we work with hundreds of churches and other institutions to design beautiful new glass windows or to repair, restore, and protect their existing treasures.

Since Willet Hauser is one of the largest stained glass studios in the world, you can select from very diverse and distinctive leaded, faceted, hand painted, or sculptured gold windows that are unsurpassed. Our broad and deep expertise, resources, and commitment will help you tell the story that you want others to see and feel.

Willet Hauser's impeccable standard for unsurpassed quality, artistry, and craftsmanship is blended into every project we produce.

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