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Stained Glass Window Design and Restoration

Willet Hauser has a century old legacy of stunning architectural stained glass design and over six decades of renowned restoration experience. Each year we work with hundreds of churches and other institutions to design beautiful new stained glass windows, or to repair, restore, and protect their existing treasures.

Repair & Restoration

Stained glass window restoration is becoming increasingly critical as North America's stained glass windows are maturing. Many of the major cathedrals of Europe have windows that are over 600 years old. But to achieve this longevity, the windows do require periodic care.

New Designs

For over 100 years some of the finest of American stained glass window designs have been created by the staff artists of Willet Hauser Architectural Glass. Now as new styles of architecture are being developed, our artists and craftspeople are experimenting with new styles and new techniques to compliment them.

Exclusive Services

Willet Hauser offers the skills of its talented staff of craftspeople to artists from outside our organization. The independent glass designer can get their vision realized by the experienced hands at Willet Hauser. We also encourage artists who have never designed in glass, to look anew at local public arts projects and to look at Willet Hauser as a part of their team in creating new ideas in architectural glass.

Protective Coverings

Not only does Willet Hauser Architectural Glass have over 60 years of experience in the repair and restoration of existing stained glass windows, but they are also the leaders in supplying the correct protective covering solution for your building.

Non-Traditional Stained Glass

Willet Hauser has been fortunate to collaborate with artists from other medium who create designs that the client would like to have translated into stained glass art. Each of these artists brings another view of stained glass and causes us to look outside the box to develop new techniques and methods of executing their work.

Let us help you protect your stained glass windows.

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This e-book will guide you through the process of maintaining your stained glass windows.

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Then and Now:

The legacy of Willet Hauser goes back for over a century. It is an American icon that continues to change with the times and innovate in an artistic environment.

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